You keep on talking but it makes no sense at all.

You try to fake it but you're breaking every rule.

 haunting me.

I post EDM-related shit, I guess.

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Spor - “Push Me, Pull You”

[2:18:34 PM] Stranger Behaviour: like I can imagine a martial arts sequence to it but they’re two little Japanese schoolgirls in pastel colors


Me and the shave it twins. @zedd and @dwrene (Taken with Instagram)


Me and the shave it twins. @zedd and @dwrene (Taken with Instagram)

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Infiltrata - “On The DL”

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i was supposed to fucking see him Wednesday BUT NOPE IT GOT CANCELLED ugh fml

Oh, shit…dude, that sucks.  But the good thing about Lorin is you can pretty much bank on him coming back around, man.

Anonymous said: WELCOME BACK

Good to be back, actually.  Like…I dunno, feeling good about music again, it’s pretty rad.

Thanks for stickin’ around, greyface. <3

themheebiegeebies-deactivated20 said: I hope you have a wonderful time seeing Bassnectar! I saw the show on Thursday and had just a dandy ol' time!

It was so incredibly beautiful just..through and through, from opener to encore.

I’m glad you had a great time, hun!  Thanks for sharing the love <3

team-lass said: Daaaaw~ I love your little skrillen thingies. They are sooo cyoot<3

I’m glad you enjoyed them!